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Hello Guys, If you’re looking for AVG Cleaner Pro APK, then I’ve to say that You’ve come to the right place. Because, in this post, I’ll give you all the necessary information about the famous Cleaning Tool AVG Cleaner Pro.

I’ll also give you the direct link to Download AVG Cleaner Pro Apk + [No ads] + [Premium] + [Mod] and I’ll show you the complete installation process.

Android is a significant operating system. The devices that run on this operating system occupy approximately 75% of the total market.

It is an operating system that users can easily use. Although, there are some limitations to it.

There is a small fragmentation between these devices like High end and Low-end devices and they become slow after periodic usage.

Moreover, these devices produce all the junk files and hence slow down the processes. Now you might wonder what to do next?

AVG Cleaner Pro APK

AVG Cleaner Pro APK is an efficient software to remove the junk and boost your android phone. Sometimes the manufacturers of the mobile phone have default apps installed to clean the trash. But guess what? They are not good enough.  This is the sole reason you need a better tool.

AVG Cleaner – Cleaner
AVG Cleaner – Cleaner
Developer: AVG Mobile
Price: Free

You do not have to worry. This article has got your back! We will recommend you the best application that speeds up your device. That is AVG Cleaner Pro Latest Version.

The AVG Cleaner Pro 2020 is a software that lets its users clean up the junk files and folders and speeds up the Android smartphone.

You might now wonder if you can get features for free? Yes! You can. For this, there is a Pro version.

It is quite evident that not everybody can afford to pay such massive amounts monthly. For this, we have mentioned in this article, the latest version of the AVG Cleaner Pro APK that is free.

Additionally, this article says all the steps, in brief, to install and download this particular application.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Version Info:

NameAVG Cleaner Pro
Download from:Google Play Store
Developer:AVG Mobile
Update:April 26, 2020

What is AVG Cleaner Pro APK?

In computers and smartphones, after an application is run for a long time, it produces junk and buffer files. What are their counter effects? They not only consume a lot of space-wasting but also degrade the performance of your Android smartphone. This is the primary reason we need to use this cleaner app like AVG Cleaner Pro MOD APK.

AVG Cleaner Pro full APK is a free app that is popular by the name of AVG designed for the Android platform.

Now, what makes AVG Cleaner Pro APK Latest version different from other similar tools? Here is the gist!

AVG Cleaner Pro APK No Ads is based on the optimization of all the devices that run on Android and cleans all the junk files and optimizes images stored in the smartphone that takes up a lot of space.

Additionally, it enables its users to have distinct battery modes that suit their smartphone, saving the power of the device in turn.

Also, this app has a user-friendly interface and has lots of incredible characteristics that enhance the performance of the device. AVG Cleaner is so popular that it has reached over 10 million downloads alone on Google Play Store.

It also has positive reviews from hundreds and thousands of genuine users. It requires its users to pay a minimal cost of $1.99 per month.

AVG Cleaner Pro Key Features

AVG Cleaner Pro has unusual and compelling features in store that maintains your device performance. It mainly focuses on the administration of junk, cache, and increasing the device speed. Let us get into the detail of all the features:

Instantly Clear Junk Files
It is counted amongst the most critical element of all the features that cleans up junk folders and data to make space in your local memory.


To perform this, you have to click on the “Quick Clean” button residing in the main application interface. Then you have to select the items you require to clean up.

You can then tap on the “Complete clean up” button. Voila! You have saved a lot of storage space on your smartphone.

Optimize Photos
AVG Cleaner Pro MOD APK can save a lot of space by optimizing the images that are already on your phone. This application has an ability to scan the system and enlist all the pictures that are stored on your device, thus optimizing your phone. AVG Cleaner is the most potent tool that increases the capacity without affecting the quality of any image.


AVG Cleaner Pro

Now how to use it?

This feature is readily available. You need to click the “Photo” button that is on the application interface. AVG Cleaner displays all the details of the images. You can then click on the “Review and optimize” button to initiate the optimization function of all the photos. It will swiftly identify all the blurry, weak, inadequate and duplicated photos. You can also manually delete them and save up space.

App Manager
With the innovation of AVG Pro APK, you can see and eliminate all the practical application that takes up too much of space, RAM and network data. It also prompts us to uninstall the apps that are not often in use.


From here, we can decide to uninstall or keep all of these applications to free the memory of the device. Also, this smart tool accompanies freezing of the applications that take up a lot of space to execute its tasks. It incorporates background tasks and notifications as well. It works and is valid until the users open the same application next time.

Battery Saver And Optimizer
Moreover, Battery Saver offers all its users information about the activities on the device that consume too much power. From this app, you can adjust the settings to limit it.


AVG Cleaner Pro Download

Also, it has battery profiles, namely Low Battery, Car, Work, and Home. The application users can pick and change from one of these four profiles so that the device can work the way you want. There’s a catch! It works free for only 30 days. Sad!

Auto Reminder
The users of this app can turn the Auto Reminder functionality on so that it can automatically search for all the unnecessary apps that are working. It enables all the users to clean them right there in the notification panel of the device.

AVG Cleaner Pro Mod Feature:

As it was promised we have the latest mod version of this app. The features of this AVG Pro version are must be known. The trick of Pro is that it is free of cost! Moreover, the programmers have worked a lot harder to make it seamless and add more features to this application.

Let us know more of these fantastic features that AVG Cleaner PRO APK offers:

  • It unlocks all the features that are otherwise not free.
  • Optimization of graphics by Zipalign
  • No ads while using the app.
  • Crashlytics and Analytics are off.
  • Deletes all the unnecessary rights, including receiver and Services.


AVG Cleaner Pro APK Download:

The download of AVG Cleaner Apk is quite simple. The APK comes by the name of AVG Cleaner-Professional-v4.22.1.apk. You can find the appropriate link which is authentic to download this. It is of approximately 24.0 MB.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK


How to Install AVG Cleaner Pro APK:

AVG Cleaner Pro APK full version download is completely free of charge. But you need to download this app in the form of an APK file and then install it manually.

But, there is something you need to know!

That is before downloading you have to ensure that the network connection is entirely stable.

So that the download process does not stop midway or fails eventually. After you have downloaded the APK file of the download AVG Cleaner Pro APK you can follow the following steps to install it:

Step 1.

You need to remove all the previous versions if existing on your android device.

Step 2.

Then you have to Download the AVG Cleaner Pro APK from an authentic site on your android phone.

Step 3.

Then you have to click on the install button to start with the installation procedure.

Step 4.

To allow the installation to complete, you have to head to the settings and under Security, option, click on the Turn on Unknown Sources option.

Step 5.

The head to the downloaded folder that has the APK file and tap on it. Initiate the installation.

Step 6.

Subsequently, if you are done with the installation click on the app. Enjoy!

AVG Cleaner Infographic

avg cleaner infographic


All in all, AVG Cleaner Pro APK is the only app that is the most useful for all types of smartphones. It also takes minimal space on your phone.

Plus this app clears all the unnecessary space-occupying files. It is easy to use and manage applications for their devices.

It efficiently manages the power consumption of the equipment and increases battery life.

To access more features for free, you can always use the AVG Pro APK version that is briefly described in the article above.

You want your phone clean? Every user does! The AVG Cleaner Pro is the best suitable application that solves all your problems. It makes your phone work smoothly and effectively. It is an indispensable application. We highly recommend it. Try it Once!

Some Reviews by Users :

Hank Mortar ⇒ I like the ram booster feature. It hibernates unused apps, which gives more ram for the programs ‘you’ want to run. The cleaner seems to work consistently over time. I’ll go ‘pay’ version soon. Ram boost works even better now. I know many folks say process killers (ram boost) are a waste of time. I have 20 years of experience working with Android’s kernel–the Linux kernel–and process killers save battery and memory when you need them.

Rwing39 ⇒ Although Google Play says this app may not be optimized for my device I think it’s working fantastic thus far. I have no complaints. Well, I did because I originally got this app for another device and could not get it transferred over. Customer Service lived up to its name and worked with me until it was transferred and working. That I appreciate. So 2 Thumbs Up from me.

Monty White ⇒ It is all about trust! I have been an AVG subscriber for many years. AVG has saved ‘ my bacon’ many times on their security. Now I subscribe to their all-inclusive Ultimate package because I trust the service. AVG Cleaner is just one part and it helps me sort out slowness in my system. The AVG suite of programs is a way to go. It will be the best decision you could make.

FAQs of AVG Cleaner Pro

Q1. What are the system requirements for AVG Pro APK for Android?

One can easily install and run the latest version of AVG Cleaner Pro APK for Android on any device that runs on the Android operating system. The version of Android 5.0, also known as Lollipop with API 21 and above.

Custom ROMs do not support the app as the user expects it to be. This app does not work on Windows, Linux, macOS or any other similar operating systems.

Q2. How can I uninstall AVG Cleaner Pro from Android?

You can uninstall the app by typing Avast Cleanup in the search bar in the google play store and clicking on the Uninstall shown on the info screen of the app. You can also uninstall the app by the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Settings on the Android device
  2. From there, go to apps and click on the AVG Cleaner.
  3. Click on Force Stop
  4. Then head to the storage section and tap Clear Data and Clear cache as well.
  5. Select the Uninstall and then click on Ok to confirm.

AVG Cleaner is successfully uninstalled on your device.

Q3. Is my subscription for the paid version of AVG Cleaner pro paid APK also adequate for other paid AVG apps?

No, if you have bought AVG Cleaner Pro subscription, it is valid for that particular app only. It is not valid for any other AVG apps.

Q4. How can I withdraw my subscription for AVG Cleaner premium APK for Android?

You must know that uninstalling the AVG Cleaner Pro does not cancel your subscription. You will continue to get charged for your previous purchase till you cancel it. To cancel the subscription, follow these steps below:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. From Menu select Account.
  3. Click on Subscriptions and click cancel down.
  4. Tap on the option Cancel Subscription to confirm.

Q5. Does AVG give any additional apps I could avail from?

AVG has some apps that enhance your phone’s security and test performance and protects it from hackers. They are as follows:

  • iPhone/iPad:
    • AVG Secure VPN
  • Android:
    • Alarm Clock Xtreme
    • AVG Antivirus
    • AVG Secure VPN

Q6. How can I opt from transferring off unknown data to AVG?

AVG Cleaner made for Android devices accumulates all the error reports and usage to let us improve. If you do not prefer to share this data, you can follow the steps:

  1. Head to Menu and then Settings
  2. Click Personal Privacy
  3. Tap on the slider of the sharing of usage with third parties and turn it off.

Q7. How can I contribute feedback concerning the app or request for advice?

You can ask for help and send out feedback on the Google Play Store. You can also opt for social media sites for giving feedback. Instead, you can also go to the official website to provide feedback.

Q8. How do I discover which version of AVG Cleaner Pro is installed on my Android phone?

To look for such information, head to the Menu option and click on the Settings. Then go to the About application option.

The version number will be seen under this.

Q9. Why do I require to allow the In-app Purchases consent to AVG Cleaner for Android?

The In-app purchase upgrades the paid version of the app whenever you feel like it. You are not charged any money till you proceed for it and provide all the necessary details.

Q10. Why do I require to allow the Usage Access permission to AVG Cleaner?

When you click on the Boost Memory option AVG Cleaner provides you with an overall view of the apps that are installed on your device. Without the permission of the Usage Access, this is not possible.

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