Top Tips for Boosting the Speed & Quality of Your Laptop’s System


Regardless of the primary reason why you need a fast-performing and efficient laptop computer, or indeed whether or not you use your laptop every single day or else more sporadically, the faster the speed and the higher the quality of the system, the better.

Top Tips for Boosting the Speed Quality of Your Laptops System

So, with this in mind, for your information and for a quick and easy guide on how to improve, continue reading to learn the main top tips for boosting the speed and quality of your laptop’s system. 

1. Remove ‘Bloatware’ Applications

You will no doubt already be familiar with the computing ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ terms, but one phrase you may well have never heard is ‘bloatware’.

Basically, bloatware is the word used in computing technology circles to refer to software and ‘helpful’ services which are pre-installed onto the laptop prior to being put on sale.

Bloatware can also refer to third-party programs and applications because the manufacturers have a business deal with such companies and are contractually obliged to include their products. 

Bloatware can often considerably decrease the speed and efficiency of your laptop, so, regardless of the age of your laptop, you should endeavor to go through the system settings and remove any such programs.

As with any other task which involves opening the fundamental system settings and preferences, you must always exercise caution and think carefully with every click. 

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2. External Accessories

Another incredibly effective way of boosting the speed and overall ‘health’ of your laptop computer is to invest in external accessories and products to take the pressure off the internal system and hard drive of your laptop. 

If you are an avid gamer, for example, and are using an older laptop with a lower amount of free space, it makes much more sense to buy an external hard drive as well as a memory card to take some of the storage away from the system. 

Alternatively, if gaming is an important part of your life, it would be strongly advisable to invest in an impressive and innovative gaming-specific laptop, such as Lenovo Ryzen 5 Laptops, which are specifically designed to handle high-resolution graphics. 

Other external accessories that will not only free up some space and subsequently speed up the processing speed of the core system include, but are categorically in no way limited to, the following:

  • HDMI and USB docking stations
  • Wireless mouse
  • Xbox controller for gamers
  • Portable second monitor
  • Externally linked webcam
  • Connecting speakers
  • External storage
  • Microphone

3. Keep Startup Programs to a Minimum Where Possible

Especially if you have a laptop computer with Windows as the operating system of choice, it is probable that the manufacturer settings mean that numerous programs are designed to automatically start when you turn the computer on. 

Moreover, usually, most of the said start-up programs launch in the background, so it is more than likely that you have never noticed some of these programs running as you use your laptop

You would be truly shocked to learn just how much of your laptop’s system is used to power and maintain these programs, so conducting a thorough search of your system to either delete ones you have no use for or else stop them automatically starting. 

4. Conduct a Defrag of Your Hard Disk

A decidedly more technical and ‘deep dive’ style of speeding up the functionality and response time of your laptop computer is that of defragging your laptop’s hard disk. 

This point is far more applicable to older and bulkier laptops when older mechanical hard drives experience a high level of fragmentation. Essentially, this occurs when components of a particular computer file are scattered and stored across different areas of the drive platter.

When you take your laptop to a professional and reputable computer specialist, they will be able to defrag the disk, which means they will restructure the disk so that each and every individual file’s components are stored together in the same place. 

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5. Switch Off Automatic Updates

Now, before you immediately take your laptop and disable all automatic upgrades and updates at once, it is important to know that some of these updates are crucial in keeping your machine safe and secure and reducing its vulnerability to cybercrime.

Not only that, but some automatic updates also ensure that programs and software updates are compatible with your system. 

However, there are a number of situations whereby, as you use your laptop and install your desired programs and add-on features, you end up in the case where so many of your programs are constantly updating.

This can severely affect not only the processing speed of your laptop but the overall ‘wellbeing’ of your computer as well, so it would pay to remove any unwanted programs and disable any updates on a customized basis.