Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Not?


Trading cryptocurrencies is an excellent opportunity to multiply your initial savings and receive considerable gains in the short term. However, trading is always risky, so it should not be treated like a casino game. 

Successful investors learn the market’s processes and charts, investigate trading strategies and rely on data, indicators, and facts when deciding on buying or selling digital assets. In addition, they track live crypto prices and make technical and fundamental analyses, based on which they take steps on trading. 

Since crypto assets rates are volatile, traders cannot often keep track of every market fluctuation. So they use automated trading programs that do it for them.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Not

In this article, we will talk about one of them – Bitcoin revolution.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

It is software for crypto trading based on AI that helps monitor crypto rate movements. The program enters and exits the market positions according to trading signals.

Regarding making a profit, revolution Bitcoin allows using the leverage of 5000 X, which means you can multiply your initial investments, but you should also remember that such enormous leverage implies vast losses.

The platform charges 2% fees on users’ profit. Clients pay the commission when making a profit, but they don’t have to pay any price for entering the program.

Advantages of Bitcoin revolution:

  • trading in an automated mode;
  • big leverage;
  • low fee;
  • 60% daily ROI claimed;
  • 14 crypto assets and numerous CFDs are supported.

The disadvantage of the platform is a required minimum deposit of $250. Also, users notice that there is no application for trading on iOS devices.

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Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam?

To ensure you are working with a reliable platform, you may always try it with a small amount of money or take advantage of a demo account. The Bitcoin revolution platform allows such an option. Trying a demo account, you can see how the platform works without risking your own money. 

The platform does not require payments for opening accounts or depositing funds. So users can start trading with a small sum and pay the fee for only profitable trades. A user can withdraw the initial amount and leave the platform anytime.