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I’ll also give you the direct link to Download DU Speed Booster APK and I’ll show you the complete installation process. So, you’re getting tons of information about DU Speed Booster Pro, read this post till the end if you don’t want to miss anything.

In the current scenario, millions of people across the globe are struggling to utilize the storage device without any free space after a certain level of the stage. If you proceed further to store despite having less memory storage capacity, and then your device will clearly display the slow performance.

DU Speed Booster APK

However, in order to avoid this issue, device users are used to deleting some files and make a way to free the space to install further apps. Generally, when it comes to accessing the device, people are always looking for smoother performance. If it is missed, then the usage turns worse than expected.

On the other side, most of them are refusing to remove some of the essential apps they have on their devices. But the thing is they have to remove if their devices are started to perform slowly.

Even there is a chance to witness that your device is getting hang often. In order to avoid this kind of issue, people are looking for the right solution. If you are one of them, then without going for a second thought, you can go ahead with DU Speed Booster APK at any time.

What is DU Speed Booster APK?

Basically, DU Speed Booster is considered as one of the best applications where most of them are accessing it on their android devices. In order to create free space for storing the files, this could be the best option where you can utilize it.

Even it will allow the user to optimize the performance of the device at any time. When it comes to usage, you don’t need to pay a single penny. Yes, it is absolutely free for the users to download and install this application on their devices. In terms of quality, it is greater than expected for sure.

The best thing about the DU Speed Booster application is where you can witness the massive number of features to explore when started to access it on your device. For information, most of the features are comes under several categories.

Once you started to access DU Speed Booster APK, you will get an opportunity to explore more features than expected. The best thing about this application is where you can witness the speed test which will be helpful in terms of checking the performance of an internet connection.

Features of DU Speed Booster APK

When you are looking for this application to download and install on your android device, then it is necessary for you to know more about the features which are available in it.

Here let’s have a look at some of the features which are available in it to make utilization.

Trash Cleaner

Trash cleaner

People who all are struggling and facing issues like low storage on their android devices, then here trash cleaner comes in. When you start to handle the trash cleaner, then you can handle useless APK files, cache files and more. It will be helpful for you to delete the unwanted ones and get free space on your device. 

Game Booster

Game booster and network

For information, if you are having a look at this application, then it also mainly includes the best feature like “Network boost”. It will be helpful in terms of boost it. Also, you can utilize it for resetting the network. In case, if you are experiencing the internet problem, then you don’t need to be worried about it. Yes, the network seems better than expected. Even it supports to optimize the games in order to offer better performance. 

Simple UI

Simple UI

It is the main thing where most of the people are looking forward to experiencing it. If you find UI is simpler, then this application is easy for you to access at any time for sure. All you need to do is navigate to the Settings page and proceed further to check out the respective options like create shortcuts, enable floating icons and more. 

Memory Boost

Memory boost

This amazing feature is mainly said to be the one-touch option that will be helpful and supportive in terms of boosting the performance of the device. Yes, by just cleaning up RAM, reducing the usage of memory, get rid of redundant background tasks and more. With just a single tap, it will be helpful in terms of speed up the android home screen at least by 60%. 

App Manager

App Manager

Well, you can also expect this feature in the application. It is helpful to uninstall the applications and proceed further to manage the APK files. Even it will allow the user to uninstall the third-party apps. One should keep it in mind that you can easily install the Apk files in a quick time and remove them without making any delay. 

Security Menu
Security menu
Image Credit: Iconfinder.com

This feature in the app mainly integrates an antivirus engine. Also, it will analyze the respective system for malware. On the other side, the Permissions manager will convey that which of the respective permissions you have to proceed further to granted for handling the individual apps installed on the device. 

The Accelerator:

The Accelerator

Well, this option allows the user in order to start the optimization process. On the other side, it is also easy for you to do the optimization process. Even it is possible for you to freeing up the RAM that whenever handling the device. The best thing is even you can witness the applications list which is running. Also, you will get a chance to disable the unnecessary stuff whenever required. 

Battery Saver

Battery saver

It is an important feature where most of the people are often looking for it. Once you started to access this feature on your device, then it is always easy for you to save your battery despite witnessing the multiple tasks running in the background. All you need to do is enable this feature and make use of it at any time.

No Ads

No ads

Speed Booster contains no advertisements, so your phone’s screen is always clean and free of annoying ads! Speed Booster improves your device’s performance, clean up cache and junk files, boosts processing speed and it’s completely FREE with no ads! 

At the end of the day, these are some of the best features where you can experience it when you started to access this application on your android device. Apart from the above-mentioned features, you can even experience the best level of features.

DU Speed Booster Pro APK Version Information

NameDU Speed Booster
Download from:Google Play Store
Developer:Cheetah Mobile
Update:April 16, 2020

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DU Speed Booster APK Download [Unlocked]

The download of DU Speed Booster is quite simple. The APK comes by the name of du-speed-booster-v3.1.7.apk. You can find the appropriate link which is authentic to download this. It is approximate 6 MB.

DU Speed Booster Icon


How to Install DU Speed Booster APK

DU Speed Booster Pro APK full version download is completely free of charge. But you need to download this app in the form of an APK file and then install it manually.

But, there is something you need to know!

That is before downloading you have to ensure that the network connection is entirely stable.

So that the download process does not stop midway or fails eventually. After you have downloaded the APK file of the download DU Speed Booster APK you can follow the following steps to install it:

Step 1.

You need to remove all the previous versions if existing on your android device.

Step 2.

Then you have to Download the DU Speed Booster APK from this site on your android phone.

Step 3.

Then you have to click on the install button to start with the installation procedure.

Step 4.

To allow the installation to complete, you have to head to the settings and under Security

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