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I’ll also give you the direct link to Download Greenify Pro APK + [Donate] + [Lite]. And I’ll show you the complete installation process. So, you’re getting tons of information about Greenify Pro, read this post till the end if you don’t want to miss anything.

Greenify Pro is one of the best and most popular amazing applications that assist you to save your device battery and offer a long time to access it. Greenify Pro app will help you to hibernate any application installed on your device and that is executing in the background.

It will not consume more battery power while you are not utilizing those applications. This app will be one of the best and useful ones in case if you had installed various applications on your mobile device.

greenify pro apk

It is much easier and simple to install this application on your device and most important is this app will not require the rooting process on your mobile device.

However, some essential features will not be utilized if your device is not rooted and only able to hibernate the app. Greenify Pro app will not only assist to hibernate the Android apps but also able to enhance your device’s overall performance for better access.

You can make use of this application on your device even to delete or remove the junk files. Greenify Pro APK 2020 file can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store or any other trustworthy websites or reliable sources without any hassle.

The Greenify Donate Lite normal version can offer only limited features to its users. However, you can get numerous special features only using the Pro version to improve your Android phone’s performance.

What is the Greenify Pro APK (App)?

Greenify Pro APK is one of the best tools to hibernate your Android application to execute the device’s background and does not allow you to utilize the battery power when not in use. An application can be hibernated and place them under out of service when not actively using them.

Generally, the hibernated apps can be entirely static (will not consume any battery power) until you activate them to use in the foreground. Due to this situation, most of the apps such as instant messaging service or alarms will never be able to place under hibernate mode.

A few apps will be better to place under hibernating since its functions are not required to process in the background and can only consume the battery power.

Greenify Pro APK is very much use that allows the user to improve their device performance and battery power. Similar to other apps, the Greenify app will quickly and easily “kill off” the apps and a simple click can start them back to access.
Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot
  • Greenify Screenshot

Key Features of Greenify Pro APK

Find below the list of features offered by the Greenify Pro APK app:

  • It does not require the rooting process.
  • This APK file size is very small.
  • You can utilize the Boost Mode by enabling the required Xposed Module.
  • Users can get the entire features for free only by using the Greenify Pro version.
  • You can enhance or improve your Android device performance.
  • Moreover, it will assist the users to save their device battery power.

Permissions of Greenify Pro APK

Write Sync Settings & Get Accounts – In case if you are frequently using the Sync task then you can control the app’s account sync.

Bind Accessibility Service & Disable Lock Screen – You can even work the automatic hibernation on the non-rooted Android devices.

Draw the Other Apps – During the automatic hibernation, you can even dim the screen while it is expected the screen to be turned off.

Device Admin – You can turn off the device screen immediately using the administer privilege after performing the automatic hibernation particularly on the non-rooted Android devices. This request can seek permission only if it is required for your consent explicitly. The hibernation process can be automated by this application with the assistance of Accessibility services.

How to utilize the Greenify Pro APK?

It is much easier to utilize the Greenify Pro Donate app. This application can be installed from reliable sources or the Google Play Store.

◆ Launch the application and access the Greenify icon that is located near the bottom corner of the page.

◆ Now, you can view the App Analyzer screen that displays the information about the currently running apps on your device background.

◆ Based on their performance, each app is divided into multiple categories.

◆ Under each app, you can view two options named “Slow down your device” or “Scheduled Running”.

◆ Make use of the available 3 vertical dots or tap the “Show All” icon to access the entire apps.

◆ In case if you prefer to Greenify any application then just tap the application to highlight the same in blue color.

◆ Also, enable the checkmark that is available near the screen corner of the respective apps.

◆ Greenify Pro app will start to hibernate the application.

◆ In case if you are utilizing the non-rooted app version then it is essential to check the permission requests and other warning messages.

◆ Based on the list or order appearance, each app can be hibernated.

List of popular apps that include for Greenify process:

  • Your web browser.
  • Dropbox or other cloud service apps.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Other apps that are executing in the background or don’t constantly bother.

Your Android phone may be crashed if you avoid hibernating the system apps. Before performing the task, you need to check the Google Search to understand whether it is safe to Greenified this app.

Greenify Pro MOD APK [Root]

Greenify Pro MOD APK will assist you to identify the misbehaving apps on your device and move them into hibernation while it is not in use. This is one of the unique ways of leeching the battery and also lagging your mobile device.

It will not perform any open launch by other apps or you. Similar to the iOS apps, they are used to preserve the entire functionality to execute the apps in the foreground.

New Updates in Greenify Pro MOD APK

Improved compatibility and support for Android version 7. However, it is still not compatible to utilize the Aggressive Doze feature.

Improved or enhanced App state detection for Android version 6+ & above.

You can manually enable the Aggressive Doze feature with the assistance of the USB-connected system even if the ROM is disabled with this feature.

Settings menu includes the troubleshooting section along with the Wake-up Tracker for the non-rooted device.

Quick Action notification.

Doze OTG (On the Go) feature is enabled from Android version 6+ & above to utilize in two different forms: Xposed or Non-root. This feature is launched through the Greenify Beta version.

Greenify Pro MOD APK Key Features

As it was promised we have the latest mod version of Greenify Pro. The features of this Pro version are must be known.

The trick of Pro is that it is free of cost! Moreover, the programmers have worked a lot harder to make it seamless and add more features to this application.

Find below the list of features offered by Greenify Pro APK app:

  • Similar to other apps with the XXX Task Killer feature, this app will never allow the apps to get aggressive killing and stealthy-running on your device to consume more battery power.
  • The Autostarts feature will take entire benefits and advantages without dealing with obscure risks of app components, complexity, and lose functionality to execute the apps actively.
  • The Freeze feature similar to other apps, even if the app is totally disabled, you can still access the app normally and share its content without any hassle. Not required to defreeze or freeze the app.
  • When compared with other advanced tools, Greenify Pro MOD APK still offers numerous advantages to utilize.
  • If you are relying on instant messaging apps or alarm clock apps, then you should never greenify. If you heavily rely on the greenified apps then it is essential to verify its impact.

Greenify Pro APK will utilize the “Cleaner” service; the background persistent feature will place the greenified apps under the hibernation mode when it is not in use. It is extremely lightweight with implementation and design with the best battery consumption, zero CPU, and a totally 3M average RAM footprint.

Greenify (Donation Package)

This is just a donation package that activates some experimental features in the Greenify app. These features can be enabled in settings of Greenify.

=== Disclaimer ===

Some of these experimental features are still at an early stage. they’ll not work on all devices & ROMs. they’re included just for advanced users with sufficient knowledge about what they really mean and the way to properly use them. These features may cause malfunction or crash in apps. In rarely extreme cases, you would possibly get to the factory reset your device to recover. I will be able to try my best to avoid those situations but take no responsibility for the possible consequences.

It is safe to get and install since nothing is affected until any of the experimental features is enabled explicitly.

Greenify (Donation Package)
Greenify (Donation Package)
Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: 2,99 €
  • Greenify (Donation Package) Screenshot
  • Greenify (Donation Package) Screenshot
  • Greenify (Donation Package) Screenshot
  • Greenify (Donation Package) Screenshot
  • Greenify (Donation Package) Screenshot

=== Experimental Features ===

◆ Allow (most) system apps to be greenified in Greenify

Beware, most system apps are critical to the essential functions of your device, once greenified, you’ll lose some a part of usability. If something bad happens, de greenify the system apps you latterly greenified and reboot, or deactivate this experimental features of Greenify and reboot.

◆ Boost mode (requires Xposed)

Android framework is patched to permit Greenify to perform hibernation and other operations without the slow root routine. Besides, Boost mode also improves the compatibility of the many features in Greenify.

◆ Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps (requires Xposed)

Google service framework is patched to permit the GCM (Google Cloud Message, a.k.a. C2DM) broadcast to wake the hibernated apps, thus you’ll greenify some apps without losing the power to receive push message.

Attention: Not all apps use GCM as push mechanism, some apps create their own connection for push in background service, thus they can’t enjoy this patch and their push messages can never survive hibernation. Please don’t invite that, it’s just a “mission impossible” in practice. Instead, ask their developer to adopt the more RAM-and-battery-friendly GCM push.

◆ Reveal hidden sync tasks (requires Xposed)

Some apps may contain hidden sync tasks which run periodically, but can’t be disabled by user in system Settings – Account – Sync. This feature reveals those hidden sync tasks and allows you to disable them.

=== Xposed Installation ===

1. Download and install Xposed installer: http://goo.gl/CKTWXZ
2. Install the “Framework” within the “Xposed Installer” and activate “Greenify” in “Modules”.
3. Reboot

=== Why do I want to put in another framework for a few features to work? ===

Since these experimental features all need OS level patches, traditionally they will only be applied with ROM modding, which is very device-specific and ROM-exclusive. The Xposed framework may be a new hope to try to finer-grained tiny patches during a ROM-independent way. because of the Xposed framework, you’ll enjoy these experimental features of Greenify without replacing your ROM.

Greenify Pro APK Version Info

NameGreenify Pro
Download from:Google Play Store
Developer:Oasis Feng
Update:April 16, 2020

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Greenify Pro APK Download [Donate]

The download of Greenify Pro APK is quite simple. The APK comes by the name of greenify-Pro-v4.7.5.apk. You can find the appropriate link which is authentic to download this. It is approximate 1.9 MB.

greenify pro


How to Install Greenify Pro APK

Greenify Pro APK full version download is completely free of charge. But you need to download this app in the form of an APK file and then install it manually.

But, there is something you need to know!

That is before downloading you have to ensure that the network connection is entirely stable.

So that the download process does not stop midway or fails eventually. After you have downloaded the APK file of the download Greenify Pro APK you can follow the following steps to install it:

Step 1.

You need to remove all the previous versions if existing on your android device.

Step 2.

Then you have to Download the Greenify Pro APK from this site on your android phone.

Step 3.

Then you have to click on the install button to start with the installation procedure.

Step 4.

To allow the installation to complete, you have to head to the settings and under Security, option, click on the Turn on Unknown Sources option.

Step 5.

The head to the downloaded folder that has the APK file and tap on it. Initiate the installation.

Step 6.

Subsequently, if you are done with the installation click on the app. Enjoy!

Greenify Pro Infographic

greenify pro infographics

Some Reviews By Users :

S C Nalini ⇒ I guess this is the most useful app in the play store for me. It helps me with all the manufacturer bloatware. Just a request could you please make the app not show its icon in the notification bar for service guardian. I don’t mind notification I know it’s necessary. What I meant was a little greenify icon on the top left of the screen and the notification is now showing in lock screen for service guardian. I’m seeing this after today’s update. Thanks.

Ruben Sierra ⇒ If you seriously want iPhone level battery life on standby to get this app. I uninstalled it accidentally and started noticing my battery seriously draining. I really thought that it was time to get a new phone. I remember oh shoot Greenify is no longer installed. Since reinstalling and enabling aggressive doze, I am getting a fantastic battery life. This app is a must-have for all my phones. Do yourself a favor and follow the steps for an aggressive doze, you will enjoy the benefits.

Clayton Manuel ⇒ Guys, you really are the best. I am a programmer and I do really know what I’m talking about. “Oasis Feng” is the one which is going to let your phone as you ever dreamed: “Ram-cleaned, Boosted up, Cooler(Due to the hibernation of unnecessary apps in the background and those annoying background-free… Lots of stuff, but I just don’t have enough lines in here. *”NO ONE SHOULD EVER GIVE LESS THAN 5 STARS”* YOU GUYS WORKED A LOT, EVEN WITH THIS NEWER ANDROID SYSTEMS, YOU GUYS ARE… I LOVE YOUUUUUU


Greenify Pro APK will assist you to optimize the installed apps or that executes in the background. These background running apps will consume more battery power and also low-downs the battery capacity.

Greenify Pro app will safeguard and protect your Android device from various situations. If you are using the rooted Android device then users can take the full features and advantages of the Greenify Pro app.

It will optimize the apps to improve or enhance your device’s battery performance.

If you are facing any problem to download or Installing Greenify Pro, just comment down in the comment section below. I’ll try my best to solve your problem.

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Faqs of Greenify Pro

Is Smart Lock feature incompatibility with the Greenify Pro APK?

Greenify Pro app will work using the Smart Lock feature only if it is in Boost (it will require Xposed framework & also experimental feature) or Root mode. However, it lacks the proper APIs only on the Android device.

Which apps are recommended for Greenify?

“Scheduled Running” for each app will not deliver a definite impact on device performance or battery consumption. Experienced developers will assist to reduce the background services of memory footprint such as several MBs (megabytes) and even negligible from high-to-middle end devices that include within 1GB or 2GB RAM capacity. “Slow down your device” for each app will not deliver the most impact on your device smoothness. The regularly running apps will process using the Android caches to reduce the launch cost in the background.

Why users are getting the warning message “Auto-hibernation process is stopped”?

You will receive this warning message if the Greenify Pro app will automatically detect the Auto-hibernation process is stopped unexpectedly or not normally running. The most common issue for the Greenify’s auto-hibernation mechanism is blocked or not allowed by the third-party system settings or system tool for some ROMs. It is essential to whitelist and allows the settings of the Greenify Pro app to work.

Why it is not possible to enable the settings under the Aggressive Doze option under Android 6.0 OS?

Aggressive Doze option will work only on the Android devices higher than 6+ versions. If the ROM had disabled the Doze Mode on your device. In case of utilizing the customized ROM that is created by the community then it is advisable to contact the ROM modder for enabling the appropriate flag on your ROM using the Script code.

What could be the delay you experience when the screen goes off on automatic hibernation?

Before hibernation, the adaptive delay will normally take around 5 minutes when the device screen is turned off. However, it may be postponed based on various factors or if the apps are performing some tasks actively.

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