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With the advancement of technology and the continuously changing dynamics of the digital world, the usage of smartphones whether it be an android based or iOS-based phone has increased to the next level.

But, this advancement has also resulted in the overexploitation of the devices in which the person is using the app or any feature.

Various apps are coming up with heavy updates daily. The individual has no other option then updating to the latest version of the app.

Nox Cleaner APK

This constant updating of the apps results in occupying more and more space of the device and also increases the load on the smartphone. All this finally results in making the mobile slow and difficult to be used.

The internet is full of articles that suggest various cleaning applications for android platforms. But most of these cleaning app is useless and does not optimize the performance of the device.

Don’t worry, as we bring you this article about Nox Cleaner APK 2020 which will help you to clean all the unwanted files from your android device and optimize the performance.

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What is Nox Cleaner APK?

The Nox Cleaner APK is considered to be one of the best cleaners of the android devices among the long list of cleaners.

Nox Cleaner is an android based application that is used to clean the junk files, broken files and other unwanted material from the android device.

Nox Cleaner - Clean, Antivirus
Nox Cleaner - Clean, Antivirus
Developer: Nox Ltd.
Price: Free
  • Nox Cleaner - Clean, Antivirus Screenshot
  • Nox Cleaner - Clean, Antivirus Screenshot
  • Nox Cleaner - Clean, Antivirus Screenshot
  • Nox Cleaner - Clean, Antivirus Screenshot

The Nox Cleaner APK Mod also helps in removing all the cache files from the device and clears the RAM of the device. Thus, it helps to enhance and improve the overall performance of the device.

The Nox Cleaner is trusted by crores of people all around the globe. On the play store platform itself, it has more than 150 million downloads to its name.

The size of the Nox Cleaner Pro APK is also very small. The app is around 25 Mb in size which makes it even more popular among the crowd.

Information About Nox Cleaner APK

NameNox Cleaner Pro APK
Download from:Google Play Store
Developer:Nox Ltd
Update:April 16, 2020

Features of Nox Cleaner APK [Pro] [Mod]

Now that we have already discussed above the basic features which are offered by Nox Cleaner.

Here, we would be discussing some of those features in detail and also try to analysis the USP which only the Nox Cleaner APK can provide over the other cleaners available on various downloadable platforms.

The list of features offered by Nox Cleaner Pro Mod APK are as follows:

Best Features of Nox Cleaner

Cache Cleaner

Whenever a person downloads an app or surfs the internet, cache files are made temporarily in the memory of the device. These files accumulate and start consuming the storage space. All this results in making the device slow and difficult to use. The Nox Cleaner helps to remove these cache files regularly and that too by following simple and time-saving steps.

Nox Cleaner Premium APK

Releasing Storage Space

Another major offering of the Nox Cleaner Mod APK is that it helps in deep cleaning of the device by removing all the redundant and broken files and links from the android device. Thus, this deletion results in the release of the storage space of the device. This makes the device more efficient and faster.

Notification Master Blocker

The notification master blocker is a special feature that is offered by Nox Cleaner APK. It is supported by the latest version of the calculating engine. All the types of notifications which occur in the device are collected by the app and stored at one particular place for future use. This helps in saving time of the user and also results in saving the space of the device which can be used for some other useful purpose. If this particular feature is activated by the user, then it will result in keeping the messages and notifications hidden and the notification bar will remain empty which will boost the speed of the phone.

Battery Saver by Nox

Another wonderful feature that is offered by Nox Cleaner APK is the option to save the battery. The Nox cleaner helps the device in identifying all those apps and programs which are running in the background and draining the battery of the phone. It also lists out the heavy apps which are consuming most of the RAM and battery and stops them efficiently without hampering any other processes which are going on in the front or the back end of the device.

Nox Cleaner Pro APK
Nox Cleaner Pro APK

Master Imager Manager

The image manager master option present in the Nox Cleaner APK helps the device to assemble all the types of images at a single pace and they segregate them according to the source of the image. Thus, when the images are sorted and kept in a similar folder, then it becomes extremely easy for the user to delete the useless or redundant pics and keep the pics which he or she wants. As the unwanted images will be deleted, this will again result in optimizing the performance of the device and freeing the space from the file manager of the device.

App Lock by Nox Cleaner

Security has always been a concern for mobile or smartphone users all around the world. For this, people have tried to install separate apps and also used the inbuilt functions. But still, it becomes very difficult for the user to protect his or her phone. Thus, this problem is sorted by the app lock feature which is provided by Nox cleaner. The Nox cleaner app locker provides security from the unwanted and risky access of the files from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other website. The user can set a password by the means of a passcode, a pattern or even by face recognition.

Master CPU Cooler

The master CPU cooler present in the Nox Cleaner APK is considered to be one of the most useful features offered by Nox cleaner. The master CPU cooler helps in keeping the phone temperature down while the user is playing heavy games or binge-watching images and videos. The Nox cleaner can do so by stopping the apps which are running in the background for no reason and draining the battery of the device. Thus, it optimizes the overall performance of the device and makes it cool even during the time of heavy usage by the user.

Master Game Booster

The master game booster feature offered by Nox Cleaner APK is a powerful feature that helps the high-end gamers to run games with heavy graphics lag-free in their android devices. The game booster clears the RAM and the unwanted files from time to time which makes the game running process smooth and hassle-free. Thus, it enhances the overall gaming experience and improves the speed of gaming which further results in easy wins for the user or the gamer. Various high graphics and heavy games like PUBG, Far Cry, etc. can be enjoyed by gamers with the help of this app on their android devices.

Nox Cleaner Mod APK

Master Anti-Virus by Nox Cleaner

The Nox Cleaner also offers a mind-blowing anti-virus which keeps the android device free from any kind of malware, virus, bugs or broken files. The Nox cleaner identifies the sources from which the chances of getting infected or corrupted files are more and then blocks those sources for further safety purposes. The cleaner also does quick scans daily. These quick scans hardly take 2 to 3 minutes to get complete. The results are displayed and the user can remove the harmful files by just one tap. This cleaner also performs deep scans which are either done on a weekly or monthly basis. These scans take 10 to 15 minutes and list out every harmful file present in the device. Before clearing all the above-listed files, the user should sort out the files as sometimes some important files are also marked as harmful by the app.

Master Memory Booster

The Nox Cleaner APK also comes with the master memory booster option. This option helps in increasing the speed and efficiency of the android device to a great extent. The memory booster options help in cleaning the packed up or occupied memory of the device by closing all the tasks which are running either in the front end or the back end of the device processor. Thus, the RAM of the device can be cleared constantly by just a single tap by the user with the help of this master memory booster option offered by the Nox Cleaner app.

Notes of Nox Cleaner

▶ None of the personal data such as username or email address proceeds.

▶ All information will be kept secure and not shared with the 3rd party according to Privacy and Cookies Policy.

▶ Fingerprint lock works only with devices running Android 6.0 or higher and fingerprint sensor support.

Download Nox Cleaner Pro APK + [Mod] + [Premium]

The Download of Nox Cleaner Pro APK Latest Version is quite simple. The APK comes by the name of nox-cleaner-Pro-v7.4.9.apk. You can find the appropriate link which is authentic to download this. It is approximate 27 MB.

Nox Cleaner Icon


How to Install/Download Nox Cleaner APK?

The Nox Cleaner APK Full Version can be easily downloaded from various platforms like play store, iOS or even from various websites from the internet.

The steps to install the Nox Cleaner app from the play store are as follows:

STEP 1: Open the Google Play Store app in your android device in which you want to install the Nox Cleaner app.

STEP 2: In the search bar present in the top corner, type Nox Cleaner and press enter to proceed.

STEP 3: Click on the Nox Cleaner icon as shown in the picture.

STEP 4: Click on the install button present on the right side and then press ok.

STEP 5: The Nox cleaner will be installed in the desired android device.

After the Nox Cleaner Pro APK is installed from the google play store, it should be kept in the mind by the user that he or she should frequently check if there is any update available on the play store or not.

Frequently updating the app helps in the better functioning of the application and thus in turn results in more efficiency and faster working of the android device.

Nox Cleaner Infographic

nox cleaner pro infographic

Some Reviews By Users :

Arlene Marry13 ⇒ I like this app much better. I can see the oldest photos that I have accidentally deleted. But I want to suggest an idea if you can add a battery charging speed feature inside this app? I only see battery saver as the feature here but I am very concerned about the charging speed of my battery. I still give 5 stars for this app though.

DavyBoy Chopperhandles ⇒ EBest mobile cleaning app I have ever used. Storage cleaning started at 71% and ended at 63%. System size dropped to 8.9GB, never seen a change over 0.5GB until now. Great ram booster and other utilities. When using memory booster uncheck your game, launch with Optimizer and get smooth games play. I can now play Black Desert Mobile on medium settings, max resolution @ 30fps smoothly with little to no stutter. I am on a Coolpad Legacy 3GB ram & 32GB storage. ???????. Keep up the good work!

John Anderson ⇒ I think that it’s a very useful tool; in it cleans, boosts memory, optimizes, and also Hibernates app drainers. I use it every day & as a result my battery is lasting much longer, not needing to be charged nearly as much as before. I really think that I have found the right one with the right tools included. Also I should add it is very easy to navigate. You can’t go wrong at the yearly “Ultimate” price tag of $ 10.68.

Yay Aku Masuk ⇒when I clean the phone it doesn’t work when I look into the settings then I go to apps the trash is still not gone and I have to clean it one by one but I will give this app 4 stars because this application has quite a lot of features like locking apps, wallpapers, and others are very helpful thanks 🙂


The Nox Cleaner APK app is a wonderful application for android based devices. This application helps to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the android device in which the app is installed.

It helps in removing all the malicious files, viruses, Trojans, broken links, corrupted files, etc. from the device and makes the device fast and efficient.

It also helps in sorting the images into their respective albums and deletes the photos which are very old and redundant in terms of the user’s end.

The Nox Cleaner also provides good options from the security point of view as it gives the user the option to choose their security in the form of either patterns, passcodes or even by face recognition.

Thus, the Nox Cleaner provides a wholesome package for the android users who are looking to increase the efficiency, reduce the lag and optimizing their android devices.

If you are facing any problem to download or Installing Nox Cleaner Pro APK, just comment down in the comment section below. I’ll try my best to solve your problem.

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Faqs of Nox Cleaner

Is it safe to use the Nox Cleaner APK in my android device?

The Nox Cleaner is a very safe application that is trusted by more than 10 million people. It is available on trusted platforms like google play store and has over 50 million downloads.

Can the deleted photos be recovered via the Nox Cleaner?

It should be always kept in the mind by the user that the images or pics once deleted cannot be recovered from the Nox Cleaner app. Thus, the user needs to be cautious while deleting any stuff from the android device.

What is the size of the Nox Cleaner app?

The size of the Nox Cleaner app version which is available on the google play store is around 27 megabytes. The Nox Cleaner APK can also be downloaded from other sources but the size will remain the same.

Can the large images be restored once they are compressed in Nox Cleaner?

No, once the images are compressed using the Nox cleaner, the user cannot get them back in the original size. So, he or she needs to be careful while doing so or they can make a copy before proceeding for the same.

What should I do if the system cache cannot be cleared while using Nox Cleaner?

In such a case, the user should follow these steps: Open settings>App management>Nox Cleaner>Permissions>Storage Permission.

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