SSD Speed Test Applications That You Should Know


If you are still using HDD until now, you are probably thinking of switching it to SSD after reading this. Solid-state drives are way faster than HDD.

The tech world grows really fast, and one of the essentials to it is speed and performance. You should know that there are ways to measure the speed of SSD’s.

Speed really matters. If you switch SSD from HDD, one that you will notice is the boot time of your pc is so fast.

There are a lot of SSD brands selling everywhere, but even if you’re aware that it is faster than HDD, it also has its own speed depending on the manufacturer or the price of it.

The following are the popular speed test applications.

ATTO Disk Benchmark

Many people highly recommend this. Aside from measuring SSD, it also measures hard disk drives and RAID arrays. This is compatible with mac.

In just one window, you can see the information you want to know about your disk. You can easily understand the bars and graphs. Aside from the SSD speed test, it can do other functions too.

It can capture the snapshots or even run continuous benchmarks. It has a file system that measures the network or blocks the performance or storage.

You can also tune the best possible performance storage system because the dick benchmark monitors HDD, SSD, and RAID arrays. Supports multiple disks for every test that it makes.

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Anvil’s Storage Utilities

You can use this on mac os and windows. You can easily understand the interface of it. That’s why it’s good for speed testing. In both the units the speed is shown.

This application specializes in measuring Solid State Drive, but it can still do a speed test on other drives such as HDD.

It has a benchmark tool with the means of Windows Management Instrumentation; your unit’s response is monitored, checked, and can view the system information about it.


One of the popular speed test applications because it can test where the date is located in different zones. After it bypasses the system, the whole disk together will be analyzed. Whatever speed it is, it can record the data of it.

You can use an excel file or text file for the purpose of further recordings. It can run on Windows 32-bit and 64 bit and free to download but limited time for free of use. 

Minitool Partition

You can easily understand this application when running a speed test because the test’s information is spaced out. Not just SSD but also can run speed tests on other storage devices such as RAID, HDD, and more.

Aside from speed tests, it has other functions, too, as you can see from the name itself. 

Yes! You can convert your partition to either NTFS and FAT32. Other things that you can do to this is, resize, create, format the partition. With just a few clicks, you can immediately convert MBR and GPT to either of those two. 

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How necessary the speed test is that you can monitor your drives’ performance if something is changing for you to know in advance that everything is fine or there is something wrong with your drives.

We should not ignore testing the speed of whatever storage drive we have because we are saving some files there that are so important to us. We should monitor it all to avoid data loss.

Compared to HDD, < SSD is a lot smaller. It has various spaces, and the price will defer to how much gigabyte it has. The more space, the higher the price, but it’s worth it. Just take care of it.