YoWhatsapp – The Best Alternative of WhatsApp


What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatsapp is an innovative app that is a better alternative to Whatsapp. It is a Whatsapp MOD that can implement changes and advancements to the official app. Moreover, it has extra functions compared to Whatsapp and a better version.

As it is a MOD of WhatsApp’s original app, it has the development that is entirely based on its source code. It introduces different modifications, and it satisfies all your needs in one app. Our daily life routine messaging app is the most important thing.

Messaging apps are used to chat. Developing social messaging apps seems to be a great way to communicate with customers and connect with each other.

A huge number of individuals pick informing applications consistently, however benefiting as much as possible from them is getting progressively significant for your organization too.

It started with applications like Instant Messenger years prior and has formed into a huge number of decisions that all work quite well.

It is the best alternative, but it is not available on Google play obviously as it is a MOD developed based on the original Whatsapp. The fascinating part about this app is it has extra functions added for user’s privacy.

Additionally, it has all the classic features present in the original Whatsapp, but also newly added features to enhance the privacy of the user.

The agenda is clear to improve and have more control over your privacy and customization of the app.

When you have Whatsapp, you must be thinking what is the need for this YoWhatsapp (YoWA) app? Let me tell you; this application is specially made for people who want the latest and improved versions of any app and who cares about their privacy.

If you are getting more benefits and functions in YoWhatsapp APK, why settle for less? Moreover, it is just Whatsapp that is better and more innovative.

YoWhatsAPP Information

File Name

Yo Whatsapp APK

File Size

35.36 MB


4.0 Android



Last Update

1 day ago


Fouad Mokdad &

Total Downloads



Requirements to install YoWhatsApp APK

The following are the requirements for the yowhatsapp App.

  • You must have an android mobile phone.
  • You must uninstall the Orginal WhatsApp for installing the 
  • You must have a good internet connection.
  • You must have the complete downloaded App.
  • You must have an at least 1 GB Ram

What’s new in YoWhatsApp V/s WhatsApp

  • Yothemes
  • Emoji Variant
  • Send Long Videos
  • Default lock
  • No Root
  • Dual Whatsapp
  • Custom Privacy
  • Freeze Last Seen

Features of YoWhatsapp

There are many new and advanced features added to this unique YoWhatsapp that are appealing and useful features you can use on your smartphone.

  • Suppose an annoying person is trying to reach you out, and you do not want to receive any calls from that person. In such a scenario, YoWhatsapp got you covered. You can decide who can call you and you cannot, which will be very helpful for avoiding unwanted calls.
  • If you do not want some people to view your connection status, you can hide it from the people you want.
  • You can also hide or show the typing or recording of audio status as per your requirements.
  • There is even an option or an alternative where you can hide the confirmation that you have read the message or not.
  • There are many new font types available to customize the interface of the app.
  • Many new emojis and emoticons are added in the YoWhatsapp.
  • With this app’s help, you can send different file formats like APK, ZIP, PDF, and also you can send a long file too through yowhatsapp, etc.
  • Unlike Whatsapp, there is no limit to the size of files we send to our friends or family or any contact.
  • The best part is its working is way faster than WhatsApp.
  • To add on to the privacy, you can lock the app with the help of a PIN, fingerprint, or pattern lock.
  • In YoWhatsapp you can pin up to more than 100 chats in one time
  • YoWhatsapp you will able to get save stories images & Video in your mobile phone
  • You can disable vibration in pattern lock in YoWhatsapp
  • You can more discover by yourself

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In conclusion, as discussed, there are many new and better features in YoWhatsapp that are beneficial and useful. Moreover, it is simple and easy to use with better functions.

It is a great app that is the best alternative of Whatsapp with all features and the extra ones for better privacy.

Get the app now and enjoy the fantastic experience of using YoWhatsapp! Keep visiting the site for the latest updates, share this post as much as you can.

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