If you are having a tough time handling the space in your hard drive on your MAC, then AVG cleaner is the best choice that you can make.

You might be curious as to what AVG Cleaner Mac is about?

It is one of the most straightforward and fast hard drive cleaning solution. AVG Cleaner Mac comprises of two major features – a hard driver cleanser and a redundant finder.

It encompasses high-speed scanning and gives a clear overview of all the files that are taking up a lot of space. Plus, it cleans the files that are duplicate. It shows you what are the data and portrays exactly where these large files are in the Finder.

But, the most crucial benefit is that the AVG Cleaner for Mac has seamless integration with the AVG Protection. This is a suite that is built to improve the performance of the PC. By the AVG Zen panel, there are devices that you can supplement and manage your Mac remotely from Windows PC.

You might wonder what precautions should be taken? You have to use the AVG Cleaner with only one prior caution as you cannot undo the deletion you perform.

AVG Cleaner for MAC

AVG Cleaner for Mac is mainly built for removing any unwanted data that is accruing on your Mac device. AVG Cleaner lets you swiftly delete out all the unimportant blockage to free up the disk space and empty your Mac’s memory.

What makes AVG Cleaner MAC different from others?

AVG Cleaner Mac is a new style app with a sophisticated interface that is renovated to appear more cleaner, more accessible and more straightforward to use. With AVG Cleaner, you can scan with just one mouse click.

AVG Cleaner allows all of its users to scan the obscure clutter. You can rapidly locate all the hidden items that might be taking up a lot of space and clean it up with just one click. With AVG Cleaner, you can scan any browsers, video caches, iPhoto libraries, and applications. Uninstall leftovers, downloaded file history, and trash contents are also covered effortlessly well. Fantastic, Isn’t it?

Voila! It handles the clutter efficiently. AVG Cleaner also lets its users search for any misremembered duplicates that are on the Mac system which includes all the videos, documents, music and photos. You can clean the clutter and situate duplicate files plus manage them efficiently from one place only. The application now gives you a network AVG Zen which provides a remote overview of the Mac and even other devices performance optimization.

Primarily, AVG Cleaner for Mac is a robust potent tool that is comparatively lightweight. It has a sleek and steady resembling interface and is phenomenal to locate duplicate files and remove all the clogging.

Key Feature of AVG Cleaner for Mac:
  • Effortless to manage interface.
  • Find misremembered duplicates.
  • Clean up unknown clutter.
  • Maintain all your devices from one place.

Version Info of AVG Cleaner Mac:

Name:AVG Cleaner for Mac
Requirements:Mac OS X
License:    Free
Date of launching:June 4th 2015
Developer:AVG Technologies

Advantages of AVG Cleaner for Mac:

  • Immeasurable at distinguishing duplicate files
  • High-speed skimming
  • Distinct impression
  • Reveals you where records are in the Finder
  • Blends by AVG Zen

Disadvantages of AVG Cleaner for Mac:

  • No undoing of deletions

Download AVG Cleaner for Mac:

AVG Cleaner

You can download the AVG Cleaner Mac by going to the authentic source and downloading it for free. Then you can easily follow the steps further as mentioned and install it for free. Then you can enjoy the features seamlessly.

Steps to Clean Up Your Mac with AVG Cleaner

Step 1:

Download AVG Cleaner Mac

You can download the app from the App Store or any authentic link from the web. After installing, downloading and launching the app, you will see a dashboard with two features. We will use the Disk Cleaner.

Scan for underground cache files on your Mac

Step 2:

Scan for underground cache files on your Mac

You then click on the Scan Mac button under the Disk Cleaner tile.

AVG Cleaner then scans the residual files, caches and log files and other trash as well.

Step 3:

Clean it up!

To see the results of the scan, you need to click on the View and Clean button.

The items cleansed are listed. You can get the details of each by clicking on the arrows.

Then if you are sure, you can click on the Clean button.

Clean it up

Step 4:

Final Scan!

Now you need to click on the scan folders button under the duplicate finder tile.

Then you will be asked as to which folder you need to scan. Once the folders are picked, you can click on the Scan button.


Reform your storage space!

To see the results of the scan, you can hit the View results button.

You have to sure as to what you want to delete. Check all the details by clicking the arrow as to what you are up to remove.

Once you are sure, you can click on the Clean button and regain the storage space very efficiently.

Bravo! You are successfully done with the process of freeing up space of your Mac device!

What is the bottom line?
Overall, AVG Cleaner Mac is a useful application that optimizes your Mac device. It enhances the way users can manage the apps on their devices.

Plus this service provides excellent features to know the bulkier files or folders, locate them and delete them.

It efficiently manages to discover the hidden data that the users are not successful in finding. It is a boon, and this service must be promoted. Happy Cleaning!

 FAQs of AVG Cleaner for MAC

Q1. Does AVG work correctly with Mac?

AVG Cleaner for Mac is free of cost, and It works well with every version of macOS including the latest one.

Q2. How to cancel AVG subscription?

Open the AVG subscription from https://my.avg.com.

  1. Then you need to click Unsubscribe under the subscription option
  2. Choose Unsubscribe from future renewals and date of expiry
  3. Click on Got it button.

Q3. Does AVG use Digital River?

AVG is a partner of Digital River, the eCommerce provider. It maintains the online trade and administration of all the AVG products and services. Digital River does the order transactions for all the AVG products.

Q4. How do I purchase AVG for Mac?

Download and Install AVG Cleaner Mac from the official website, then after launching it click on Buy AVG cleaner Mac to buy and activate it.

Q5. Is AVG suitable for Mac?

If you do not have money to clean up your Mac from clutter, then AVG is a good option, providing the best cleaning you require.

Q6. Is AVG cleaner legitimate?

It is a legal service that offers extraordinary features to all of its users aptly.

Q7. Why is my Mac slow?

The primary reason for the slowing down of Mac is the accumulation of unnecessary storage. You need to clean all these hidden files and folders by using the AVG cleaner.

Q8. Why do I need to close open programs before AVG cleaner Mac continues cleaning?

When you are performing the cleaning scan, AVG Cleaner identifies unnecessary files. If any of the application that is to be deleted are running during Clean, it will ask for closing it to avoid malfunctioning and crashing.

Q9. How do I send feedback about AVG Cleaner Premium?

By clicking on the Send Feedback option under the Help option in the AVG Cleaner Mac, you can send the relevant feedback.

Q10. How do I uninstall AVG Cleaner Premium?

  1. Open the AVG cleaner in the menu bar, click on the Uninstall AVG from the context menu.
  2. Click on continue
  3. Then you need to feed the system credentials and click on OK
  4. The installation is complete, and you can click on Finish.