If cleaning your disk in PC and maintaining the proper space in what you need then Avg cleaner which is also known as AVG tuneup is going to be the best for you all. AVG CLEANER is one of the best software available for your PC’s which will help you all to maintain the storage of your PC correctly.

AVG PC cleaner is an all-in-one suite that has been designed to keep you and all your family’s computers running at optimal speed and efficiency. With AVG TuneUp a single subscription can cover every device you have; whether that is a Windows PC, a Mac laptop, or an Android tablet.

AVG Cleaner has over 40 built-in tools that can help you optimize your PC’s performance with minimal input.

AVG Cleaner lets you gain more speed with less crashing, longer battery life and more disk space, whether you choose automatic maintenance or want to take a more hands-on approach. It keeps your computer at peak performance with its patented flagship feature Sleep Mode, which stops all resource-draining programs from slowing down your PC.

Live Optimization works silently in the background, always prioritizing all the applications that are running to increase the responsiveness of your work and games.

AVG Cleaner for PC

In addition to existing Economy Mode, there’s Flight Mode. Both features significantly prolong battery life, which is invaluable when you’re on the go.

AVG Cleaner runs via the ‘AVG Zen’ network, which allows you to remotely manage all your registered devices from a single intuitive management screen. With the new ‘Automatic Software Updater,’ AVG PC TuneUp now gathers updates automatically as soon as they’re released, so all new features and improvements are automatically installed without the need for manual installation.

With AVG PC cleaner can quickly free up more disk space, thanks to new Disk, Duplicate, and Browser Cleaners. New for 2017 is the Automatic Software Updater, which checks and scans popular programs for the latest updates and installs them automatically.

Overall, AVG PC Cleaner will improve performance, declutter your computer, and keep it up to date by applying new updates automatically. The interface is straightforward to navigate, and the list of features is comprehensive enough to cover everyone’s needs.

What makes AVG cleaner better than others?

AVG PC cleaner is a PC system optimization application promising to provide more storage space, faster speeds, longer battery life, and less crashing, all with a set-and-forget interface. With 17 tools, it’s a full suite of Windows utility software. AVG promises to restore your PC to its original speed. While it didn’t provide impressive overall improvements to our test PC, it did increase the boot speed dramatically.

For each PC cleaner in our review, we employed the program’s optimization tools on our test computer. We used PCMark 10 to benchmark performance both before and after optimization. The benchmark tests measured word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing, and video chat quality. We benchmarked the boot speed and evaluated the software’s diagnostic consistency.

Key Feature of AVG Cleaner for PC:
  • Effortless to manage interface.
  • Find misremembered duplicates.
  • Clean up unknown clutter.
  • Maintain all your devices from one place.

 Information about AVG CLEANER

NameAVG Cleaner for PC
Developer(s)AVG Technologies
Operating systemWindows XP, 7, 8, 10
Platformx86 and x64
Size45.0 MB
LanguageEnglish, Polish, Japanese, Russian

Advantages of AVG Cleaner for PC:

  • Immeasurable at distinguishing duplicate files
  • High-speed skimming
  • Distinct impression
  • Reveals you where records are in the Finder
  • Blends by AVG Zen

Disadvantages of AVG Cleaner for PC:

  • No undoing of deletions

Download AVG Cleaner for PC:

AVG Cleaner

You can download the AVG Cleaner for Mac by going to the authentic source and downloading it for free. Then you can easily follow the steps further as mentioned and install it for free. Then you can enjoy the features without any hesitation.

Steps to Clean your PC with AVG cleaner

Step 1-

Download AVG TuneUp

Download, install and get ready to tune up your PC.

Download AVG TuneUp here. Then click the downloaded file to install AVG PC TuneUp®.

After launching PC TuneUp, you will be greeted by the welcome screen. You can skip the scan to get to the main dashboard.

Once there, click on the Free Up Space tile.

Step 2-

Scan results

Many programs clog up your machine by automatically storing temporary and old junk data deep in places you’d never know to look. Thankfully, AVG PC TuneUp knows precisely where that data is hidden and finds it for you with a simple scan.

Click on System Cache & Logs and then click on Show to view all the unwanted clutter.

To free up that space, click on the Clean button

Step 3

Clean up your browser

Whenever you browse the web, hidden leftover files get created that sometimes even your browsers can’t track. That’s where Browser Cleaner can help.

Click on Browser data (globe icon). Check what you want to delete (read the pane on the right for more details) and click the Clean button!

Ans with these three simple steps and your PC is clean. Isn’t it so simple to use?


This was all about the excellent software called AVG cleaner. It’s a fabulous software to maintain your PC’s space, and it’s also effortless to clean your PC by using AVG cleaner.

AVG Cleaner is a useful application that optimizes your device. It enhances the way users can manage the apps on their devices. Plus this service provides excellent features to know the bulkier files or folders, locate them and delete them. It efficiently manages to discover the hidden data that the users are not successful in finding.

It is a highly recommend software, and this service must be promoted. Till then

Happy Cleaning!


  1. What are the system requirements for AVG cleaner?

The minimum system requirements for AVG cleaner Free and AVG Internet Security are:

Windows 10; Windows 8/8.1 except RT and Starter Edition (32 or 64-bit); Windows 7 SP1 or higher, any Edition (32 or 64-bit).

Windows fully compatible PC with Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above (must support SSE2 instructions).

1 GB RAM or above.

2 GB free space on the hard disk.

Internet connection to download, activate, and maintain program updates and antivirus database.

Optimally standard screen resolution no less than 1024 x 768 pixels.

IMPORTANT: AVG cleaner is not supported (is not compatible, cannot be installed, and will not run) on DOS, Microsoft Windows editions earlier than 7, Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, or any others not specified as supported.

  1. How can I update my AVG cleaner application version?

Application version refers to the user interface and all program components in AVG Antivirus. Updates to the Application version provide bug fixes and general improvements. If you want to ensure the latest Application version is installed on your PC, you can manually check for available updates:

Open the AVG user interface.

Click Menu in the top-right corner.

Click Settings.

Go to General ▸ Update in the left-side panel.

Click Check For Updates in the application box to update your AVG Antivirus program version.

  1. Is a free trial version of AVG Internet Security available?

Yes. When you install AVG Internet Security, you have access to the free trial version of the product. The free trial offers access to all features included in AVG Internet Security for a limited period.

To continue using premium features after the free trial expires, purchase an AVG Internet Security or an AVG Ultimate (Multi-Device) subscription.

  1. How do I activate a subscription for AVG AntiVirus Free?

It is no longer necessary to register AVG AntiVirus Free, as your initial free subscription automatically activates after installation.

  1. How can I get a copy of my purchased subscription?

If you did not receive your purchased subscription, you could request it via our webform using the email address provided during purchase.

  1. Can I transfer a subscription to another computer?

Yes. If you want to start using your AVG Internet Security or AVG Ultimate (Multi-Device) subscribe on a different PC, uninstall your AVG product from the original PC, then re-install and activate it on the new PC using the same license number or AVG Account that was used to activate the subscription on the original PC.

NOTE: you can use your AVG subscription simultaneously on the number of PCs specified during purchase. Check your order confirmation email to clarify how many PCs your subscription protects.

  1. Does my PC’s performance slow down during an AVG scan?

AVG Antivirus comes with several pre-defined scans, as well as the option to customize scans. Generally, running a scan does not noticeably affect system performance. However, throughput may be modified depending on your system configurations, or if you execute multiple scans simultaneously.

  1. Does AVG Cleaner scan webmail accounts?

If you use a web-based email account, such as Yahoo or Gmail, AVG does not directly scan your emails. However, Web Shield and File Shield actively protect your PC from the malware that could be contained in your email messages.

If you use mail management software, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, Email Shield scans for threats in your incoming and outgoing email messages.

  1. What is File Shield in AVG CLEANER?

File Shield actively scans all programs and files on your hard drive as they are opened, run, modified, and saved. If malware is detected, File Shield prevents the program or data from infecting your PC.

  1. What is Behavior Shield in AVG CLEANER?

Behaviour Shield monitors programs installed on your PC for suspicious behavior that may indicate the presence of malicious code.

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