A Fruitful Apple Forum: The Best iPhones In History


There’s no doubt that Apple is the leading company when it comes to smartphones and handheld devices. Their track record speaks for itself. This is undoubted because of the numerous genius minds that have graced the brainstorming rooms of their facilities. 

The iPhone came from the curiosity of Steve Jobs, asking Apple’s engineers to explore the possibility of touchscreen cellular devices and portable computers.

Thus, came the birth of the first iPhone on June 29, 2007, which took the media and tech world by storm as it was a revolutionary device that changed the way people looked at cellular phones.

Going several years into the future, and we have numerous iterations of the iPhone, and some have also been at the pinnacle of smartphones in their time.

Still, you can appreciate the fact that these iPhones will forever have a place in technological history.

iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

What’s not to love about the iPhone 6? It was the very first iPhone that paved the way for the sleek design we’re accustomed to today and is still very much a modern-looking piece of electronic art.

At the time of its release, the 6th generation iPhone was also quite robust with the built-in A8 chip and standard feature layout. Sadly, due to hardware flaws, like the iPhone not charging, it wasn’t the most innovative.

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Another iPhone 6, why, you may ask? This is because the iPhone 6 lineup also introduced the first plus version of the iPhone, basically the same layout, slightly better hardware, and a more significant form factor.

The already existing beautiful retina display of the iPhone 6 was always meant for a bigger screen, and the plus model made that fantasy a reality.

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iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

A tough choice for the third spot is the iPhone 4, and if not for the revolutionary changes that the top two brought to the market, it would have been higher on this list.

The iPhone 4 was the phone that showed the world that Apple was not slowing down and running out of ideas. Its design continues to impress enthusiasts even up to this day.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The second spot is controversial as this will always most likely be given to the newest and current flagship iPhone on the market. That’s not saying that the iPhone 11 Pro Max isn’t a great phone but consider that when you look at its features.

Packed with the latest and strongest 13 Bionic chip, triple camera layout, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is Apple’s best technology crammed into a smartphone.

iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

The 5th generation iPhone is the best iPhone that Apple has ever made. Period. Its timeless design and powerful hardware at the time of release certainly shattered records, and if you’re someone who bought it when it is released, you know exactly what that means.

The internal brains and muscle running the phone wasn’t anything to laugh about either. It was a relatively nimble and powerful smartphone during its time, especially with Temple Run and Infinity Blade II release, the iPhone 5 easily powered through these titles.

It was packed with a dual-core A6 chip and a new LTE 4G Wireless technology that was unbelievable on paper.

It is considered one of the sturdiest, most innovative, and beautiful iPhones to ever grace the market.

The bigger and better retina display from its previous generation served as the basis for future improvements, and the 5s model introducing the first fingerprint sensor on an iPhone was the cherry on top.

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The smartphones in the industry continue to shatter records every few years, and you can only imagine smartphones would look like when something truly ground-breaking appears on the market.

Whatever happens though, the historical changes that iPhones made to Apple’s lineage will never be forgotten by enthusiasts and critics alike.