Which Are The Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers In 2021?


It is very competitive as well as developing crypto advertising networks, as with all social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, all these platforms are promoting cryptocurrency more and more.

All these advertisements, products, and services are banned. It would be a very good idea for you to target the crypto audience in this and see it through the network. By using ad networks in it, you can very easily reach crypto-targeted traffic with all those cheap rates.

There are some crypto websites and blogs where millions of people are connected, due to which more traffic has been created on these websites. If required, you can refer to the information on this website bitcoin-lifestyle.app to get a better insight into it.

People visit its sites daily to read crypto-related information or new updates so that they can get new information related to it. Some are partnering with well-known websites through crypto ad networks.

Some of the targeted traffic is fully assisted in placing the ad through some of the well-known sites. By using an advertising network, all those products and services can be promoted in front of all its users.

Which Are The Best Crypto Advertising Networks For Publishers In 2021 Lets Know

We have compiled a list of the best crypto ad networks below:

1) BitMedia.io

BitMedia was established in the year 2015, it is a kind of advertising networking company, and since its inception, it has become popular among people. Its popularity is mostly due to some of the same benefits and features it provides to all publishers and advertisers.

It will come as no surprise at all, that crypto ad networks can garner up to 20 million unique visits with over 1 billion impressions each month.

Some websites are currently running this campaign with more than 20 thousand advertisements, by which some solutions are being provided to all the users.

It has some special features of a very advanced algorithm, which can use AI to view the advertisement to all those users related to it.

Payment Details

  • As for pricing, flexible models are provided in it.
  • In this, for publishers, the withdrawal minimum amount to be paid is 0.001 BTC.
  • Your use of bitcoin as a payment method is made fully available before transacting.

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2) Cointraffic.io

Cointraffic has become an excellent and well-known crypto advertising network that people trust, based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Cointraffic was created in the year 2014 for the crypto advertising network. Its main purpose was created to fulfill the services of advertisers and publishers.

It provides convenience to all the advertisers and investors by publishing native ads and banner ads, which can enhance the progress of the website.

Payment Details

  • Minimum Payment: €25
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Bitcoin
  • Commission Type: CPM

3) AdBit

Provides support to all contests with this, along with the advertising space provided by advertisers on their website.

Banners can be used by the network as an advertising model, as well as using it in the format of promotional text and graphics.

Payment Details

  • You can pay based on the number of views and clicks.
  • The profit earned through AdBit is very high, so you can easily invest in it without any risk.

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Final Thoughts

Through this article, we have told you with whom you can be able to do this work as well as how you can earn profit. We bring you some of the best cryptocurrency ad networks to explore. In this, the reviews of ad networks can be obtained very easily.

If you want to invest in crypto advertising platforms, then you should try to find out all the reasons for the ban passed through social media platforms.

With all the risks involved in it successfully, you can easily invest in it, even without fear with the ad network-banned media. In which you can earn more profit. Choose the crypto ad network for you to grow, and reap the benefits.