Hard Disk Drive: Everything That You Need to Know About it

Hard Disk Information

Among the most critical components of your computer is the hard drive. It’s not only hardware that sits near the CPU, but it is also an accessory equipped with the needed properties necessary for your computer to function effectively. Let’s start with the most common question by everyone. How does this hard drive works?

It’s a place where every data on the computer is stored, not only your games, songs, or pictures, but also every information such as your drivers, internet connectivity, operating systems, and other information that’s out of our hand.

Hard Disk Information

When someone says “storage,” people usually think about external hard drives. There are many hard disk type that offers different capacities. A hard drive is capable of storing any of your data in the long run; that’s why it is sometimes bigger.

Some hard drive space automatically gets filled by the drivers and operating systems that are pre-installed, but its remaining data is free for users to store their desired data in. And if you store many files on your computer, you might need one with a larger capacity. So here’s everything that you need to know about HDD.

There are Few Things That You Don’t Know About HDD

The First-Ever Hard Drive

When this computer component was released, the IBM computers are the only computer with a hard drive, and that’s a story way back in 1956. The former name of a hard drive is 350 Disk Storage Unit. After a year, IBM continues to release more versions of a hard drive, and many people keep on buying it.

The IBM company even exported many hard drives to many companies and other countries. At that moment, the weight of a hard drive is about one ton. That might be shocking, but it’s true. Unfortunately, the production of the hard drive stopped in the year 1969. If this information is not enough, you can see another hard disk drive facts that will satisfy you.

The First Price of a Hard Drive

Purchasing a hard drive years ago when it’s still new was hard to do, and it was expensive. I’m sure you will agree that a $34,000 hard drive does not sound like a good investment at any angle. But, in the past, there were no options back then, and if you need a hard drive, you need to go for it.

Although people can rent it, the price is still high, and it was $1200. But today, the costs of hard drives are quite different and cheaper compared to when it was first released. Another thing is that the first HDD had a capacity of only 3.5MB. It’s like spending $34,000 to get only data of 3.5MB.

Why Do People Need an HDD Sentinel?

If you’re updated with technology and the nature of your job relates to a computer device, a hard drive disk is a vital PC component that can store all the essential data that you need. The hard drive of your computer is capable of storing every content that you have on the PC. Everyone knows the disaster that follows after the unforeseen disk failure or a broken drive, and people don’t want something like that to happen in the future. 

That’s the reason why an HDD Sentinel is needed. It acts like a scanner or extra guardian for your drive to report and monitor any irregularity in the process at any given time. With the HDD Sentinel, it provides users many benefits and ensures that you can work peacefully without worrying about other things. With that, you can also learn more about the HDD sentinel to aid your curiosity.

External HDD That You Need to Consider

While people create a lot of memories in their lives, it’s possible to store endless video media, audio, and photographs. Thus, you must possess enough computer storage space to store everything and not overload your PC.

A hard disk drive or an external HDD is the solution to your storage problem. Aside from giving you extra storage space, it’s also portable, and you can easily use it. Apart from the list, people also need to check out more external HDD.

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

You can get this hard drive in the capacity of 1, 3, 4, and 5TB configurations. With its high storage capacity, Western Digital hard drives can assist you to free a lot of your laptop or computer storage space and improve their performance. Both USB 3.0 and 2.0 is compatible with the data cable and can give a fast data transmission.

It has an NTFS feature, and its weight is around four ounces, which makes it easy to carry. The type of its memory is DDR3 SDRAM, deriving its power from the batteries made of Lithium Polymer. If you buy this external hard drive, you’ll get two warranty from its manufacturer. Aside from that, it’s compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.

Seagate STGY8000400 Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive

This external hard drive is the solution to the performance and storage issues of your computer. With a large external HDD, which is eight terabytes of space storage, merely dragging and dropping of transferring of your data is more comfortable. This hard drive can back up each of your essential data with ease.

And its weight is only two pounds, which makes it among the lightest HDDs for your desktop that is available today. To add to the information, the data cable for USB 3.0 and its charging adapter is all in the package when you buy it, although this hard drive from Seagate is not compatible with the USB 2.0.


Now that you have enough knowledge about HDDs, it might be the right time to buy and use one. You only need to choose the right brand or storage space that will suit your need. It’s time that you don’t stress your computer with so many files and use a hard drive to clean up some of your computer’s storage space.