GBWhatsApp APK Download for Android [Latest Version]

GBWhatsApp APK

Communication is the key to a better understanding among individuals. Gone are the days where one gigabyte of data costs a fortune. With constant innovation in the field of technology, there has been a steady growth in the area of virtual communication. Texting, as the current generation calls it has replaced many of the traditional ways of communication such as calling.

Texting is user-friendly and can be made use of for both formal and informal purposes. It is quicker and loaded with a bunch of features that have made our lives painless for a varsity of reasons.

GBWhatsApp APK

As we all know, WhatsApp is one of the best tools to use for texting. It is owned by Facebook, a social networking service that has taken over the world by storm ever since its release back in 2004. WhatsApp does not seem to have any worthy competition classifying it into the top tier of application software in the market place.

Having tons of features, there is not a lot to complain about. There are a few inches that have been cut here and there. A bunch of features the developers refuse to offer. It is fascinating to know that there is a version of the same application which offers a lot more than the original application itself. This version of the original application is known as GBWhatsApp.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a MOD of the original WhatsApp messenger application. It was first available in 2009 and is a third-party application. It is a popular application amongst Android users and is widely used all over the globe. It includes all the features that the official application has to offer.

The cherry on the cake is that it has a handful of new features including the pre-existing ones making it a boon for many technology enthusiasts. This modified version works like a charm and does not require root access. The process to download it is fairly easy and does not require any special skills.

Why choose GBWhatsApp over WhatsApp?

It is clear that GBWhatsApp apk is a worthy upgrade over the official WhatsApp messenger application. It provides regular updates that bring more features to the table and also fix any bugs or malware present in the application. In short, it is a refined version that runs without any hiccups even while dealing with huge media files.

It also allows the user to call multiple contacts at the same point in time. It has customizable themes for those who find the original theme bland and boring. Messages can be sent to individuals not present in the contact list of one’s mobile phone. Further, chats can be hidden and even contacts can be filtered.

The amount of features offered by this modified version is eye-catchy. The best part is, it is available for free of cost. It is more advanced and will stay the same even in the near future. The auto-reply feature of this version is a remarkable work of Engineering and requires a thorough understanding of the field to create.

The inbuilt Do not disturb (DND) mode can be used as a quick toggle during an important meeting or conference. In this version, the media quality sent by the user does not get compressed in any manner resulting in greater detail and better quality.

Few more features to add are the increased size limit for media files and a larger number of emoticons to choose from. The dual account mode may prove to be vital to many. For those with a creative side, the application icon can also be changed. The chances of getting banned are fairly low and there is no risk involved.

Another major upgrade is that GBWhatsApp allows its users to send up to 90 media files at once compared to the 30 files limit in the official version. These features are the ones that many users have been longing to use in the official application. But these features were never provided and may not be provided even in the near future by the developer.

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Basic Requirements

GBWhatsApp is a third party application. Due to this, it is not available for download on the Google Play store. It can be downloaded through the internet in an APK format. It is an easy process and takes a minute or two to download.

This version requires an Android version of 4.0 or above to successfully run on a device. The current version of this MOD is 9.0 and does not require any kind of rooting. The file size is around 52 megabytes and was last updated about a day ago.

Method of Downloading

After downloading the APK from a reliable source, a few steps must be followed for the seamless downloading of the file.

Most of the smartphones manufactured in today’s date have restrictions for security reasons which act as a firewall. These restrictions have to be lifted to a certain level in order to download a file from the World Wide Web. To do so, browse through the settings and enable downloads from unknown sources.

This is an important step because the APK is being downloaded from a third-party source. After finishing this step, make sure to back up all your data on the official version of the WhatsApp messenger. Now, uninstall the application and proceed to install the APK version. This step should take a few seconds to complete.

Once the APK is installed, open the application. Proceed by giving all the required permissions and enter all the required details.

The procedure followed after all the fields have been entered correctly is similar to the procedure followed in the other applications. With a basic overview, even a newbie should be able to install this version of the application without any major difficulty.

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A majority of users are missing out on a great user-friendly experience of the GBWhatsApp world. It has a lot more to offer than the patchy official version. The true regard of the features offered by this version can only be found when one uses it. Awareness of this version has to be created amongst social media buffs.