Quick and Easy PDF Repair


Are you not an experienced PDF user? Is this the first time you encountered a corrupted PDF? It’s safe to assume that you’ve run out of options and started questioning Google on how to go about your file.

If your time is almost up to the deadline, and you do not have the liberty to download and install more programs, then you just found your solution.

The Vibrant and Joyful GoGoPDF

Good news for you, PDF beginner, you found the vibrant and joyful GoGoPDF! As you are already cold sweating trying to catch up to your deadlines, you can find inner peace with the GoGoPDF home page.

The mixture of powerful and delightful colors, together with its complete set of PDF tools, leads you to a higher feeling of peace and satisfaction!

If you are currently handling a corrupted PDF file that requires technical repairs, we will teach you how to repair PDF fast and safe with GoGoPDF.

What people like you need is an online tool that can surpass PDF problems quickly and easily. Although this online instrument offers a free vast range of services, we will only focus on fixing your document.

  1. Open your most preferred web browser and go to the GoGoPDF website.
  2. Choose the “Repair PDF” option at the bottom right area, second to the last row.
  3. You can proceed to upload your corrupted PDF by dragging it to the GoGoPDF repair PDF tool.
  4. A quick loading will commence as it uploads and another one for the repairing process.
  5. In just a few seconds, your corrupted PDF will be recovered and ready to download. You can also choose to copy the file URL for social media sharing.

Now, your file’s recovery may also depend on the severity of its initial damage. If your PDF was severely damaged beforehand, there might only be partial recovery.

But if your PDF was only slightly or moderately damaged, you can achieve full content recuperation. One thing is for sure, though, GoGoPDF will not make the damages more severe.

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Preventing PDF Damages

Just like any other material, whether abstract or concrete, things have limitations when overused.

The same goes for PDFs; they can also end up being corrupted when shared and transferred to too many users with too many different operating systems involved.

This might end up losing important data and incomplete document content.

Since prevention is better than cure, here are some tips to prevent your PDFs from damage and corruption.

When you receive a PDF file, you must first download it before reviewing its content to avoid any damages. Try to be less lazy and avoid skipping this step to avoid unnecessary file corruption.

Compressing your PDFs to zip files is also an excellent way to prevent it. Another effective method is by not opening your PDF to any web browser.

Although you may be too comfortable using your Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, try practicing to open it through your local file openers.

File Content Safety

Document’s privacy is a top priority for GoGoPDF. They cohere with the highest customer confidentiality standards and do not allow any unwanted users to access your PDFs.

This also applies to other file formats you upload in this tool; the files you upload and process are automatically removed from the system after 60 minutes right after your finish your task.

If you also want to add extra protection to your PDFs, you can try out GoGoPDF’s protect PDF function.

Optimize their 128-AES encryption and suggested strong passwords to lock your PDF and gain extra exclusivity.

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While there may be other online PDF tools out on the web, GoGoPDF has the most modern and sophisticated functional tools to offer for free!

With its lively and optimistic ambiance, you can also process your concerns lightly!