Best Facetime Alternatives for PC


Facetime is one of the best video calling app but it is not available for Windows users. There are many users who want to use facetime windows version. That’s we have created a list of facetime alternatives. These apps are compatible with windows and android both.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google meet makes video calling a breeze. With a simple interface that is elegant and refined, Google Meet is on top of the video- calling the game. Earlier available for G-suite members, this application is now available for all Gmail users.

The best feature is that it does not require heavy internet bandwidth. Additional features include Screen recording with Native audio. It made meetings easier since no third-party applications were required for the same.

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Zoom Video Communications is a Video conferencing application by an American company. The popularity of this application surged due to the lockdown.

Video calling was necessary, and this application was free to use and required no login in its initial stages.

Their main focus was to provide online telecommunication and chat services. The company wanted to provide an easier interface compared to its competitors.

It was founded by a former Cisco WebEx engineer, Eric Yuan. In spite of being ridiculed for its lax security, the company’s popularity remained untouched.

As the demand increased, the company released updates to fix the bugs. One of the simplest applications out there with no complicated procedure to follow.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

One of the pioneers in Operating Systems, Microsoft, released its Team Conferencing software recently. Teams facilitated 100% integration with Microsoft Office 365, Conversation channels, and Direct access to its Cloud storage and SharePoint.

It has added integration with third-party applications as well. New modes of view and Outlook integration provided easier access to emails and comfortable viewing modes.

This is an all-round application for users accustomed to Microsoft. The only application in direct competition with Google.

Google Duo

Google Duo

Released in a heavily competitive market, Google Duo was late to the game. Google already had Google Hangouts for its users. Google Duo was part of a strategy for Calls and Chats along with Google Allo.

For high-quality voice and video calls, Google Duo remains on the top for its exceptional voice quality. The only downside for this app is the requirement of heavy bandwidth.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Even as this application was scheduled to be phased out, Google Hangouts remains one of the earliest means for video calls and chats. Integrated into one application, Google Hangouts provided the complete internet messaging application on any device.

The ability to share images, videos and other files made it easier for everyone. Being one of the oldest applications, Google Hangout’s only competition was Skype.

Both these applications have failed since they were slow to respond, full of bugs, and was not as accurate as it was supposed to be.

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The lockdown has accelerated the world 10 years ahead of its time. The Internet has become the savior of the century during the crisis. The Global pandemic has brought about a change in the way of life.

The mode of communication remains the most important factor. Some applications like Skype and Slack have failed to make the cut. The main reasons are buggy interfaces and heavy bandwidth requirements.

However, the above applications have revolutionized the modern collaboration mechanism.