Evolving Trends in Software Development in 2020


Technology has now become a part of everyone’s life and made a huge impact on each and every one of us and if we talk about the past few years, we can see that there is a whole new world now in comparison to a decade ago where the internet was not that much strong.

Computer technology plays a vital role in changing the whole picture and makes it very advanced. And it is really helpful when you know how to use it properly to get all the information, it makes you aware of every upcoming technology.

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If we talk about a few years back if people needed to learn new skills, they went to the person who has mastered the specific field you became the assistant of that person to learn things. Still, he won’t be able to give you proper knowledge.

But now with this technological advancement, you can learn anything or any skill which you want to learn, and the fun fact is you need not get up even from bed. You just need the right resource and searching skills.

And you can master anything you want. There is multiple new software that makes everyone’s life so easy and advances that is why today we are here to discuss something interesting. Today you learn about the currently evolving trends in the software development field.

Virtual Reality

This technology is not the latest, but it has changed many things as we can live in the movement as we are in 3D or 5D when we are using it.

It’s not commonly used as you only see VR as used by gamers of some people watching videos and if we say that all of you who are reading this have it so answer should be no because it is easily available but the makers of VR devices now in the process to build affordable VRs so that everyone can use it and live the technology.

Blockchain Technology

You all heard about Bitcoins but very few people heard about Blockchain technology, But you need to know one thing that Blockchain technology is the soul of Bitcoin.

It is constantly evolving and becoming better day by day. and some experts also say that in upcoming years it is possible that Blockchain technology can replace the banking system as it is better in every aspect in comparison to banking systems as there are is no middlemen dealing in blockchain technology which decreases the cost of the transaction and decrease in fees charges as well and its security is above the bar level as there are many firewalls protecting it and last is the processing speed which cannot be matched by banks in next few years.

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The Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things is a very wide term which includes things but long story short our lives are revolving around different gadgets which help us in our day to day lives.

The Internet is connected with almost everything like our cars, watches, headphones, music systems, household gadgets, and a lot more. This network eases your life and also improves the quality and standard of living.