Best Music Making Apps/Software For Windows


Music is the language of our souls. It connects people from all around the globe as if our heartbeats in the same rhythm. But, creating music is not that simple as it may sound. It takes immense hard work and a complete dedication towards the art form.

Because of the improvement of technology, we can now make music with the help of an app or software on our computers, which has made the critical and long process much more comfortable.

So, here are the top 10 music-making apps or software for Windows OS that can help to create great music.

The start of the show, my favorite in the digital audio workstations has to be GARAGEBAND, it stands out from the line, set itself apart from every other app:

While the GarageBand app is the Apple users’ sweetheart for audio recording, editing and remixing available to both macOS and iOS users, Logic Pro X is THE digital audio workstation, developed in the 90s by German company Emagic (later acquired by Apple) that works on the macOS, to provide musicians and artists with professional-level studio technology on their screens.

Logic Remote is Apple’s iPad app that effectively allows Logic users to work on their other devices and control them with ease when in need.

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When GarageBand came into the scene it provided the average user with an option to enhance and learn the details of the audio production process with a simpler interface as compared to its alternatives and eventually became free of cost for Apple users, making it a massive success.

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Being an Apple software, the app is also ensured with a promise of quality and far less technical glitches and deviations than other free DAWs.

Now let’s start with, 10 Best Music Making Apps/Software for Windows OS

1. Audacity (

Audacity is a trendy name among all the music composers. It’s open-source software that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and also Linux. 

Audacity is a platform that can record music from various sources. It allows you to edit several audio formats like MP2, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF. It also records and playbacks live audio on your PC.

This software is excellent for mixing multiple audios as it supports importing and editing many existing soundtracks. Audacity is very simple to operate. You can trim, copy and paste and change the tempo, speed, and pitch of an audio file.

It offers background noise reduction, volume amplification, beat analyzer, and much more. This free software requires a small space and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit plugins.

2. FL Studio (

If you have just started off composing, then FL Studio is the perfect option for you. The interface of this software is very beginner-friendly and covers all the vital requirements of music-making software.

FL Studio is one of the most popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, which offers essential protocols like sound correction, pitch shifting, cut and paste, and so on.

It has 3 modes, such as Step Mode, Note Mode, and Drum Mode so you can choose whichever beautifies your creativity.

This software can be used as a VST plugin or with Rewire. It features automation recording and editing and includes more than 80 plugins. Also, FL Studio offers lifetime free updates once installed.

3. Ableton Live Lite 9 (

Ableton is free software that can be installed in Windows and Mac. The Live Lite 9 version is a restricted one. However, if you download the paid versions, you will get 4GB sounds extra.

The free versions of this software offer up to 8 recording tracks and a varied range of essential tools and effects to polish your music track. It allows you to add many MIDI tools, such as keyboards.

If you have been in the industry for a long time and you know how all these software works, Ableton will be quite easy to operate for you. However, it is not very suitable for beginners.

4. Tracktion T6 (

This program has not been on the platform for long enough, but it has many features to record and edit your music in a convenient way. The user interface is very easy to understand, which makes it an apt option for beginners.

Tracktion T6 allows you to fine-tune your track according to the workflow you have as each section has great flexibility. The user interface offers a single-window workspace, which eliminates the inconvenience of dealing with multiple screens.

Tracktion T6 comes with a vast range of MIDI tracks and supports various plugins like Audio Units, VST, and many others.

5. DarkWave Studio (

DarkWave Studio is one of the best free DAW software with many great features to record and edit music. It is suitable for all the Windows users, from Windows XP to Windows 10.

DarkWave Studio offers some of the critical features like Virtual Studio, Sequences Editor, Pattern Editor, and Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder. The Sequence Editor is used for arranging patterns to mix up while the Pattern Editor allows you to choose many digital patterns and edit them.

DarkWave Studio enables you to discover the various recording options under the HD recorder it offers. It also supports various plugins that give virtual effects to an audio track.

6. Linux Multimedia Studio (

Linux Multimedia Studio or LMMS is excellent open-source software that is also suitable for Mac and Windows users. It’s easy to operate a user interface, and a great range of features make it perfect for both a professional and a beginner.

This software has a pack of 5 editors. Also, a range of synthesizers is included in this program for fine-tuning the music.

The soundtracks can be imported to Hydrogen Project files or MIDI with Song Editor. It allows you to add many effects to your track because it is compatible with many plugins, such as LADPSA and VST.

7. PreSonus Studio One Prime (

If you are looking for free software, Studio One Prime is going to be very helpful for you. However, the upgraded version has more useful features and is meant for professionals. This program is suitable for the latest versions of Windows.

The free version of this software comes with the convenient drag and drop feature and enables you to add various effects to your soundtrack.

It offers an unending number of virtual tools, FX, and audio files. You can also find multitrack changing instruments and multitrack MIDI in the free version of this program.

8. Ardour (

Ardour supports Windows, OS X, and Linux. It’s free open-source software. However, if you want a subscription, the charges are as minimum as $1 per month.

The 5th version of this program comes with a great graphic user interface. It offers some of the most important and useful features which allow you to correct the tempo of the track and add multiple effects to it.

It also supports various plugins to provide optimal results. The user-friendly interface is sorted with tabs, which ensures convenience.

9. Hydrogen (

Hydrogen is an open-source software which is like a digital drum program. It features a pre-installed GMkit. This software is suitable for Windows and Mac users.

Hydrogen offers hard-to-find tools like Pedal HH and Cowbell Drum kits. The pattern sequencer in this software allows you to access endless patterns and attach them with your soundtrack.

The mixer is very easy to operate and enables you to fine-tune the drum volume. Hydrogen organizes multiple drum audio effects. It also helps you to add many effects to the music track.

10. Propellerhead Reason (

This software is not a very well known one as a DAW software. Still, it’s very user-friendly and operates very fast. The supported platforms of this software are Windows and Mac.

This software is a stable option for beginners. It offers a convenient drag and drops feature. The excellent workflow of this software makes it suitable for an intermediate music composer too.

Propellerhead Reason includes great mixing controls for guitar recording and also bass because it has powerful speakers and amps. It also supports MIDI hardware.

With this, the list of top 10 best music-making apps or software for Windows OS concludes.

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Let’s end on a positive note to promise to encourage the music we create every day. Because the world is just a machine, and music helps retain its sanity.